Women of the Basij Resistance Force Prepare for 4.5 Million Signatures Campaign

Thursday 7 June 2007

Shahrzad News: Minou Aslani, Director of Public Relations for the Basij Resistance Force, has expressed interest in starting up a 4.5 Million Signatures Campaign. "The Sister’s Basij Resistance Force has 4.5 Million members who are supporters of hejab and chastity," claimed Aslani in recent statements.

In reference to the One Million Signatures Campaign, which began activities some time ago with a view toward changing discriminatory laws against women, Aslani announced that women involved in the Basij Resistance Force must start a 4.5 Million Signatures Campaign to promote Islamic Hejab and combat the One Million Signatures Campaign.

Noteworthy, is the fact that since the start of the broad crackdown effort commonly referred to as "the Effort to Fight Bad Hejab" some decision-makers and leaders had expressed doubts and light criticism of this program, which is being carried out by the Police. In response, the last few days have witnessed a wave of support for the efforts of the Police in carrying out this crackdown.

Since its inception in early May, over 17,000 women have received warnings [from Police] with respect to their Hejab.

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