Launch of Bahareh Hedayat Campaign with Tribute by Iranian Artist

Ziba Shirazi, Iranian Artist, Poet and Musician Sings Tribute to Bahareh Hedayat

Saturday 8 March 2014

Change for Equality:
By: Sussan Tahmasebi

The Free Bahareh Hedayat Campaign: Ten Days with Bahareh, was launched today on March 8, 2014 with a beautiful musical tribute by Iranian artist and vocalist Ziba Shirazi. See the video here

In this musical tribute Ziba Shirazi sets to music a poem by the famous poet Houshang Ebtehaj and expresses regret for the continued imprisonment of Bahareh.

The translation of Ziba’s message and song are provided below:

Message: Dear Bahareh, I am sorry that the springs of your life have turned to winter behind the bars of the prison.

Song: Oh happiness, freedom, what will I do with this heart of sadness, upon your return

Oh happiness, freedom, I will lay this blossoming blood, like a bouquet of red flowers at your feet, upon your return.

Oh happiness, freedom, I will raise my young heart like a victorious flag and mount this bloody banner on your peaks, upon your return.

Message: With the hope of freedom for you and 1000s of other Bahrehs

Ziba Shirazi is a popular Iranian Jazz and Pop musician, whose songs focus on women’s emotions, the expressions of love and feminism. She has consistently supported the demands of the Iranian women’s movement through her music and by performing free of charge at events focused on women’s rights. In April 2011, Ziba Shirazi sent a birthday message to Bahareh Hedayat, in which she wished Bahareh a happy birthday and expressed hopes for Bahareh’s return and freedom.

Listen to this message here

Read more about Ziba Shirazi here


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