Launch of Camapign To Free Bahareh Hedayat: Ten Days with Bahareh

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Saturday 8 March 2014

Change for Equality:

A Call to Action and for Support

The Campaign to Free Bahareh Hedayat

Join us for the Campaign “10 Days with Bahareh Hedayat on the Occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day”

The Campaign Ten Days with Bahareh, will commence on March 8, and aims to raise awareness about the situation of Bahareh Hedayat, a women’s rights and student rights activist and a founding member of the One Million Signatures Campaign. Each of the ten days will be dedicated to one aspect of Bahareh’s activism, her life or her situation in prison. This Campaign has been launched by women’s rights and student rights activists in objection to a ten year sentence issued in the case of Bahareh, in relation to her peaceful activism and her demand for the most basic of human rights.

We hope that during these ten days we will be able to raise awareness around her situation among the Iranian public, Iranian authorities and the international community. In accordance with Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran, Bahareh is eligible for release after serving half of her sentence. Four and half years of the 10 year sentence issued in her case have been served thus far, which makes her close to eligible for conditional release. Further her declining health condition in prison makes her release of greater urgency. In this Campaign, we call out to the Iranian authorities to take measures to release her immediately and unconditionally.

Join us and on the occasion of March 8th and stand with Bahareh for 10 days, by joining this Campaign. Ten years is not just a statistic, it is a lifetime. Free Bahareh.

Day 1. Bahareh is a Women’s Rights Activist

Day 2. Bahareh is a Student Rights Activist

Day 3. Bahareh is a Prisoner of Conscience

Day 4. Bahareh is a Wife

Day 5. Bahareh is a Daughter and a Sister

Day 6. Bahareh’s Health is Deteriorating

Day 7. Bahareh is a well Known Activists in the International Community

Day 8. Bahareh is a Friend

Day 9. Bahareh is a Young Iranian Woman

Day 10. Bahareh is a Woman Human Rights Defender! Free her!

Join the Campaign by sending a message of solidarity to Bahareh (either in written form or by video), or send a video message to Iranian authorities politely asking for her release. Messages and writings can be sent to the following email address:

Please visit the Free Bahareh Facebook page <> and publicize its contents, share them on your websites or through social media.

Thanks for your support.

To find out more about Bahareh read the following:

The Birth of Hope, By Sussan Tahmasebi

Bahareh Hedayat a Woman’s Rights Activist: A Woman of Thirty in Prison, by Elahe Amani

Bahareh Hedayat From the Perspective of her Friends in the Women’s Commission of the Office to Foster Unity

Iran Should Release Imprisoned Activist for Urgent Medical Treatment

Nobel Women’s Initiative Spotlight on Bahareh Hedayat


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