Update on the Situation of Nasrin Sotoudeh

Saturday 10 November 2012

Change for Equality:: "As expected, Nasrin is very weak and has lost a significant amount of weight" says Reza Khandan

From the Facebook of Reza Khandan, the husband of incarcerated human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh in solitary confinement and on the 20th day of a hunger strike at Evin prison

We are extremely concerned for Nasrin’s well begin ever since we heard the news yesterday that she had been transferred from the general ward at Evin to solitary confinement at ward 209 [under the supervision of the Ministry of Intelligence].

We went to Evin today with the goal to request to see her and find out more about her physical and psychological condition. I am please to announced that I was allowed to see her, although our visit was informal and did not take place in the visitation area.

Nasrin is still on hunger strike and as expected she has become significantly weaker and has lost a lot of weight.

She was worried about the other female political prisoners on hunger strike at Evin. She said that she had tried very hard to convince them against such an act but was unfortunately not successful. She was worried because she believes that most of them don’t have the physical stamina to withstand a long term hunger strike.

I had not brought the children with me because I had no hope that the authorities would grant the children visitation rights. It was such a pity and I wish I had known otherwise. Hopefully it will become possible for the children to visit with her soon.

Reza Khandan
November 5th, 2012

**Change for Equality Editor’s note: It should be noted that Nasrin Sotoudeh was transferred to solitary confinement on the 4th of November and on the 19th day of her hunger strike.

Translation courtesy of Banooye Sabz


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