Eight Female Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike at Evin Prison End their Hunger Strike

Saturday 10 November 2012

Change for Equality: Translation courtesy of Banooye Sabz: From the Facebook of Amin Ahmadian the husband of imprisoned student activist Bahare Hedayat

November 6th, 2012

Following the settlement of the complaint regarding the trespassing agents in question and guarantees by the authorities responsible for the protection and inspection of prisoners at Evin prison to investigate the incident, deal with the offenders and ensure that such an incident is not repeated in the future, the 8 female political prisoners on hunger strike at Evin prison’s female ward have put an end to their hunger strike. [The ninth one, Raheleh Zakaee, had ended her strike earlier in the week].

The Disciplinary Committee at Evin prison sentenced the political prisoners who participated in a hunger strike to a 3 week ban from visitations and transfer to solitary confinement. This latest sentence was however, postponed for six months after complaints by the political prisoners in question.

I would like to address two points: Firstly, there have been reports in a number of online media outlets referring to female political prisoners being undressed. These reports are not true. Yesterday, a number of biased media outlets also reported that the female political prisoners in question had ended their hunger strike after they were threatened to loose their right to furlough. This claim is also false and void of truth.

I see it my duty to sincerely thank all our friends and companions and the sympathetic media outlets who supported us by informing everyone throughout this civic movement embarked upon by the female political prisoners at Evin. I truly appreciate all your efforts and thank you for your support.

Amin Ahmadian
November 6th, 2012


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