Gender Segregation in 3220 Classes in Allameh Tabatabaei University

Saturday 15 September 2012

Change for Equality:

Translation by: T. Amin

Shahrzad News: The gender-segregation in higher education continues to be one of the chief social debates in the Iranian media.
Most recently Mr. Seyed Sadreddin Shariati has stated in an interview with ILNA that 3220 classes with average capacity have been segregated in Allameh Tabatabaei University. According to Mr. Shariati, “Some do not like good deeds, and (but) the girls are pleased beyond words.”

Meanwhile, the issue of excluding women from participation in 77 college degrees is being discussed in international media. The latest is Shirin Ebadi’s extensive interview with die Zeit, Germany’s prestigious weekly newspaper.

In this interview, Shirin Ebadi in response to the assertion that Ministery of Sciences is not responsible for this action and the universities are acting independently had said: “This is not a factual claim. All 36 universities who are excluding women are under the Ministry of Sciences’ authority and can not make these important decisions without the ministry’s, and by extension the government’s, approval.”

She added that the feminist movement in Iran has joined forces with other social movements, such as the labor and student movements and has been able to work its way into all layers of the society and this has frightened the regime. She continued to say that “the Iranian government is particularly frightened by the “educated” women and is trying to thwart their progress. One of their techniques is excluding them from some university degree options.”


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