Adviser to Justice Minister: Marriage of Children is a Personal Matter, Not Governmental Matter

Saturday 22 September 2012

Change for Equality: The Adviser to the Minister of Justice, Pouran Valouyoun, has claimed to be unware of the marriage of the 75 children, both girls and boys, under the age of 10 over the past year (March 2010-2011) as announced by the Head of Tehran Province’s Organization for Civil Registration. In an interview on the subject with ILNA News Agency, Valouyoun, claimed that she had not heard the statistics about marriage of children under ten years old in Tehran province and that she has no information on the matter. She also claimed to be surprised about the announcement of such statistics by officials at the Organization of Civil Registration, claiming that such statistics should be announced by the Public Records Office. She went on to claim that perhaps in provinces where girls reach the age of puberty at an earlier age, these kinds of marriage take place, "but I have not heard of such marriages in Tehran Province."

Valouyoun went on to claim that she has worked within the Judiciary for 32 year and has never heard these statistics. "You should ask about these statistics from the officials who have announced them." When asked if such marriages are acceptable by the Judiciary, Valouyoun had the following to say: "Marriage has to take place based on Islamic and Sharia law and has laws regulating it and takes place based on the agreement of parties involved. Marriage is a personal matter, in which the government and the state do not interfere, but there are laws regulating marriage and the registration of marriage has to go through the legal processes and meet the necessary age requirements."


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