Saeed Madani, Sociologist Arrested

Friday 20 January 2012

Change for Equality: According to reports, Saeed Madani, journalist, political activist, and well-respected sociologist was arrested on January 7, 2012 on the street. After his arrest security agents escorted him and his wife home and proceeded to search the property and confiscate his personal belongings. According to reports, his office at the University of Social Services and Social Rehabilitation was also searched by security agents. The reason for his arrest are unclear and his whereabouts are unknown.

Besides being a journalist and political activist (National Religious Front Party), Saeed Madani is a sociologist, who conducts research on social problems. His research findings have contributed greatly to the understanding of problems facing Iranian society, and as such, he is well respected among his peers but also among social activists. His long list of research subjects include: child abuse, addiction, HIV/AIDs, violence and sexuality. His groundbreaking research on prostitution in Iran, received much praise by social activists, especially women’s rights activists and social scholars.

Madani was arrested in 2000 along with several other members of the National Religious Front party and spent 7 months in prison.


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