Khadijeh Moghaddam Receives Human Rights Award of the City of Bochum, Germany

Saturday 31 December 2011

Change for Equality: On Sunday December 18, in celebration of the International Day of Human Rights, a ceremony was held in the Christos Church in the city of Bochum. During this “Iranian Night”, and in the presence of the esteemed guest Shirin Ebadi, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, the city’s first human rights award was presented to Ms. Khadijeh Moghaddam, a women’s rights activist, member of Mothers of Laleh Park, Mothers for Peace and the One Million Signatures Campaign.

The event was organized by Amnesty International (Germany), and the Free Iran Organization and with support from the City of Bochum. Shirin Ebadi was also present at the event. In her acceptance speech Khadijeh Moghaddam remembered the martyrs of the green movement and their mothers as well as all those who had been executed during the past few decades. She dedicated her award to all the grieving and hurt mothers of the last 33 years and to an icon of maternal resistance “mother Behkish family” who had six children executed because of political activities during the 1980s. We congratulate Khadijeh Moghaddam on this well-deserved recognition of her work to promote human rights.


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