Fereshteh Shirazi Campaign Member in Amol Arrested

Friday 9 September 2011

Change for Equality: Fereshteh Shirazi a member of the Campaign in the northern city of Amol was arrested on Sunday September 4, following a summons to the local office of the Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Amol. Sources close to the family have informed the Site of Change for Equality that Fereshteh is being held in relation to charges brought against her two years ago for her women’s rights activities and her writings. She is being held in the wome’s ward in Amol prison, with dangerous criminals. According to these sources, she is banned from visits and is not allowed phone privileges. Prior to Fereshteh’s arrest, her daughter was arrested in a park in the city of Amol, for participating in water gun fight program planned by youth. According to reports from informed sources, the two arrests seem to be unrelated and Fereshteh’s daughter has since been released on bail.


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