The Campaign’s Bride

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Change for Equality: One of the members of the Campaign, having refused dowry, but with a marriage contract stipulating that she enjoy equal rights to her husband, and the groom’s absolute commitment to fully participate in the One Million Signatures Campaign seeking an end to legal discrimination against women, has married.

The pamphlets of the Campaign, “The Effect of Laws on Women’s Lives” had a central role in the ceremony. The couple enter into this union, with the hope that the Campaign will be successful in its efforts to end legal discrimination against women, so that brides will not need to stipulate their rights through a marriage contract, so that girls at age 9 will not been viewed and prosecuted as adults, so that women’s testimony in court holds the same value as men’s testimony, so that….

Congratulations dear Maryam. We wish you much happiness.


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