Statement of 750 Women and Democracy Activists on the Tragic Death of Haleh Sahabi

Cries of Protest, Not Condolences!

Monday 6 June 2011

Change for Equality: Over 700 women’s rights and democracy activists have issued a statement protesting the violence that caused the death of women’s rights activist, member of Mother’s for Peace and religious scholar, Haleh Sahabi. The translated text of the statement appears below.

Cries of Protest, Not Condolences!

Haleh Sahabi, mother of peace, the daughter of light, flew to the heavens and left us. June 1,was a day of gloom, a day for cries, a day to demand justice in the face of unspeakable injustice.

We lost Haleh! They stole her from us! Haleh, the very daughter, who fearful that corpse robbers would steal the silent body of her deceased father, had remained awake all night, guarding him. These thieves they came shrieking, they came in broad daylight, with guns and batons. These bandits, who came in broad daylight to steal corpses, stole both the dead and the living. These skilled thieves are the robbers of a nation’s honor.

The women’s movement and the democratic movement of the people of Iran, have lost Haleh, but not to a peaceful death. They took her from us, while she was standing and protesting. They seized her life. They stole her voice and her fist, and under the cover of the night’s darkness they stole her lifeless body too, so as to bury her watchful eyes under the cold ground of the earth.

There are no condolences to be offered! Shame on us for continuously trying to console ourselves. Shame on us, as the tyranny that is suffered by women and men of our nation and in the history of this land, will have no history but that of shame and shame and even more shame.

There are no condolences to be offered! Let us cry out in protest of this tyranny. Shame on you! You, who from a message of peace and faith, build swords of vengeance. Shame on you!

While today, the suffering of Sahabi, both father and daughter, has turned into an everlasting peace, we vow to remain true to their struggle for peace, freedom and equality, for a proud Iran. We believe that this struggle will rob the unjust rulers whose hands are forever sullied, from their peace of mind.

Today is not the day for condolences. It is a day of protest!

Whether the rulers of Iran like it or not, the life and death of the Sahabi family, has been eternally linked to the struggle for freedom in this land. We, the friends, sisters, brothers and colleagues of Haleh Sahabi will honor her memory and in remembrance of her we promise to keep alive the names of all those who have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. We will bellow their names and recount their dreams and wishes from the mountains top and the valleys of this land, all across this nation.

View the signatures in Farsi on the site of Change for Equality


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