The Experience of a Resistance Launched on 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Change for Equality: On the anniversary of the international women day, the webpage of “THE EXPERIENCE OF A RESISTANCE” has been launched.

This website is compilation of real stories and narratives of a group of Iranian women, reflecting their share of the ongoing violence in the society that they live in, and designed to form a collective resistance against normalized and systemic violence against women.

The idea of launching the website comes from series of workshops held by the “Change for Equality Campaign” on violence against women in Tehran and other cities, the outcomes of which, combined with close collaboration of various members of “Change for Equality’ Campaign” and a designer, led to creation of this online multimedia atlas of violence.

As an archive of narratives of violence, the creators of the website intended to make it as a live archive along for it to be updated by users and hoping to make a concise online collective of untold- unknown stories of violence against women and the resistance that comes with it.

The ultimate aim of this page is to have a rich compilation of narratives, photos and stories from all over the world to make an authentic source for all activists on the issue of domestic and social violence against women, the urge for interactivity on this page, that the creators has had, also makes it a platform for new ideas that can spark new projects.

What makes this project interesting and important, besides its simple design and user-friendly attitude is that it is a mirror for reflection of everyday situations that produce violence, violence so normalized in our routines that it might not be visible easily.

The websites contains photos, stories (written in Farsi) and narration of those stories in English. The stories are uploaded as they have been written by participants of the workshops; translations are intentionally a word by word translation, keeping all the grammatical errors of the language of origin with the purpose of reduction of foreign influence. Following this purpose, the stories are read by various Iranian females in other parts of the world.

You can contribute to the process of completing this website by; uploading your narratives, stories, photos or results of similar workshops or activities that you are involved with.


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