Farnaz Kamali, Women’s Rights and Campaign Activist Arrested

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Change for Equality: According to reports by RAHANA Farnaz Kamali, student at Azad Univeristy, was arrested in Tehran on Sunday February 20. She was among hundreds of those arrested and detained during the protests in Tehran on February 20, 2010. Security forces arrested scores of citizens on the streets and transferred them to prisons.

Farnaz Kamali was arrested despite the fact that officials had announced that no protests took place in Tehran on February 20th. Security forces were out in full force on the morning of February 20, and violently crackdown on any citizens who tried to gather in groups who were out to protest the death of two young protesters killed by security forces on February 14, when Iranian citizens took to the streets to demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Tunisia and Egypt. There is no news on the where Farnaz Kamali is being held.


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