The One Million Signature Campaign is legally and rightfully justifiable - Mohammad Sharif

Interview by: Elnaz Ansari/Translation by Sholeh Shahrokhi

Wednesday 9 May 2007

Mohammad Sharif, a member of the Iranian Bar Association, speaks of the eradication of discriminatory legislations against women as an intricate part of the fundamental human rights: “We live in an era where it is no longer possible for the individual governments to treat their citizens with no accountability to the global community, by excusing their abuse as a matter of domestic affair. In the age of universal humanity, universal laws are needed to break the cycle of inequality before law and in the failure of upholding the international laws.”

While criticizing the remarks made by the Minister of Information, who had called the women’s movement as subversive, Sharif said: “It is hard to accept that a high-ranking official in our country would make such a sweeping generalization about the women’s movement. Based on the relativist clause in the penal code, each official charge and accusation is valid in so far as to that specific case at hand. In other words, such a claim can not be extended over the entire scope of the movement.”

He further called the activities of the One Million Signature Campaign in line with the context and presupposed legislative mandates, justifiable by law. He added: “This campaign has emerged and continues to move forward in complete accordance to the law. Therefore, the activities of those involved in the campaign are the legal rights of the members. Needless to say, what is recognized as a legal right cannot be called an act against the national security.”

This legal expert ended his remarks on a more positive and optimistic note: “I sincerely hope that the movement of the campaign can lead to an eradication of the laws that discriminate against women.”

Persian Version of this interview


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