We Stand In Solidarity with Tunisian Women

Statement by Iranian Women’s Rights Activists

Sunday 30 January 2011

Change for Equality: On Saturday 29th of January there was a big demonstration arranged by independent women’s rights organizations in Tunisia.

Due to this occasion 155 Iranian women’s rights activists in a letter showed their solidarity with the Tunisian women and their struggles to preserve their achievements with respect to women’s rights.

The letter is as follows:

The world was taken by surprise at the show of will of the Tunisian people, who stood for their rights and took significant steps in ensuring their right to self determination. Like the rest of the world, Iranian women’s rights activists are watching closely the developments in Tunisia. We as Iranian women’s rights activists want to express our solidarity with the people of Tunisia, and women in particular, as they embark on an exciting, yet difficult process of building democracy and ensuring human rights and rule of law in their country. We are particularly interested and concerned with the impact of these developments on women’s rights and women’s equality.

We recognize that Tunisian women’s rights activists have not forgotten their struggle and their major achievements for women’s rights. Tunisian women’s rights activists should know that what they manage to accomplish in their quest for democracy and the equality of women will significantly impact the region and serve as a model for us all. Today, a gain for the women of Tunisia is a gain for all the nations in the region and for all women in Islamic countries.

So today, like the people of Tunisia, we harbor much hope. We hope that key actors will not compromise on women’s rights, and that women are involved fully in the process of defining the future of a democratic Tunisia. We hope that Tunisian citizens will not only safeguard their achievements with respect to women’s rights, but take steps to ensure the full equality of women under the law, and their equal participation in civic and political life. We hope that the achievements of the Tunisian people will work to inspire all the nations and peoples of our region to take concrete steps toward ensuring the rule of the people by the people, the protection of the rights of women and the equality of all citizens.


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