Dorsa Sobhani, Campaign Activist, Sentenced to One Year Prison Term

Saturday 1 January 2011

Change for Equality: Dorsa Sobhani, Campaign activist and a member of the Society Against Education Discrimination, has been sentenced to a one year mandatory prison term. This sentence has been issued by the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Courts on the following charges, membership in the Bahai’i faith, membership in the Organization of Human Rights Activists and participation in their meetings, signing of the Petition of the One Million Signatures Campaign Objecting to Discriminatory Laws, and use of email to disseminate false information including documents on the innocence of three Bahai’i prisoners in Shiraz.

Dorsa Sobhani was arrested in February 2010 in Sari and transferred to Evin Prison, Section 2 Band A (managed by the Revolutionary Guards). She was released after 45 days on bail.


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