Court Hearing for Navid Mohebbi, Blogger and Social Activist

Severe Charges Announced Against an 18-Year Old One Million Signature Campaign Activist

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Committee of Human Rights Reporters: A court hearing has taken place to consider charges against Navid Mohebbi, weblogger and One Million Signature Campaign activist.

According to reliable sources, the court hearing took place today, Sunday 14th November 2010. The accused is an eighteen year-old social activist.

The presiding judge accused Mohebbi of "acting against national security, insulting both the founder and the current leader of the Islamic Republic, propaganda against the (Islamic) System by means of contact with foreign media" and "membership of the One Million Signatures Campaign and supporting its members".

It is reported that the evidence provided for the charge of "insulting both the founder and the current leader of the Islamic Republic" is the diary the blogger wrote between the ages of twelve and sixteen.

Navid Mohebbi’s court hearing took place without the presence of his lawyer. Only his father was present.

It has also been reported that conditions in Saari Prison are unhygienic and that in Navid Mohabbi’s case the principle of separation of prisoners has not been applied. The blogger has been put in a ward with ordinary prisoners [rather than in the separate ward for political prisoners].

Mohabbi has been in detention since 18th September 2010. He was detained at his father’s house in Amol province after eight members of the security forces raided the house and has now been transferred to Saari Prison.
It has been reported that he was severely beaten at the time of his detention and that security forces "threatened his family by brandishing firearms".


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