250 Issue Statement Demanding Release of Blogger and Campaign Activists

Release Campaign Activist and Blogger Navid Mohebbi

Friday 5 November 2010

Change for Equality: More than 250 Bloggers and social and women’s rights activists have issued a statement demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Navid Mohebi a 19 year old blogger and Campaign activists in the city of Amol. Mohebi is currently being held in the public ward of the prison in the city of Sari.

Those issuing the statement expressed concern that despite the fact that nearly two months had passed since his arrest and despite repeated inquiries, Mohebi’s family had not been provided any information by officials about the reason for Navid’s arrest. Those signing the petition have also explained that Mohebi remains in prison while his family has faced great pressure to keep silent on his situation and not to contact the press. Despite their cooperation in not publicizing the situation of their son he remains in prison and no official charges have been brought against him.

Those signing the statement explained that Mohebi’s activities were peaceful and legal and were limited to his writings and his demand for equal rights for women and on these grounds the signatories have demanded his immediate and unconditional release.

Navid Mohebi was arrested on 18 September in the city of Amol, after security officials stormed his house. On that day, security officials searched Mohebi’s home, seized personal property, including his papers and computer and proceeded to beat him up and then arrest him. Mohebi was then transferred to prison in the city of Sari. Navid was due to start university this year in Tehran and had intended to study political science.


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