Reza Khandan, Nasrin Sotoodeh’s Husband Meets with Judge: 50 days of Arrest and No News

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Change for Equality: Approximately 50 days have passed since Nasrin Sotoodeh was arrested. According to what Nasrin told her husband in a phone call that lasted a few seconds, 30 days have passed since she went on hunger strike. Since then there is no news of Nasrin Sotoodeh and the courts have not permitted her to visit with her family or lawyer. In an interview with the site of Change for Equality, Reza Khandan reported that he had managed to meet with the head of the court regarding the situation of his wife. Khandan also informed the site of Change for Equality that the case pending against Sotoodeh has been sent to Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Courts.

“Finally, I managed to visit with the head of the court to follow up the situation of my wife,” said Reza Khandan. He continued by explaining that: “I told the head of the court that Nasrin Sotoodeh’s lawyers are following up on her case, as such, I am not concerning myself with the charges against her or the business of the court hearing. I told the judge that I have come to defend my rights, the rights of my wife and the rights of our children. We should have the right to have regular phone contact and have visits with my wife. My children have not heard their mother’s voice for 50 days now. What about our rights?”

Khandan explained further that the head of the court, Mr. Lotfi “gave me a letter allowing me to follow up on my complaints with Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Courts. He also explained that he would follow up my requests personally.”

Nasrin Sotoodeh, is a human rights lawyer and women’s rights and children’s rights activist, who was arrested on September 4. During a telephone call with her husband that lasted only a few seconds, she informed him that she had gone on hunger strike on September 24. There has been no news or contact with Nasrin Sotoodeh since that phone call, which was several weeks ago. Her family, friends and colleagues are concerned about her situation and worried about the health.


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