Navid Mohebbi Blogger and Campaign Activist Arrested

Monday 4 October 2010

Change for Equality: According to a news report by DaneshjooNews website, Navid Mohebbi, a Blogger and an activist in the One Million Signatures Campaign was arrested on the 18th of September. According to reports published on the site of the Committee for Human Rights Reporters, this activist was arrested in his family home in Amol city. He has since been moved to a prison in Sari. These same reports indicate that Navid was arrested while being beaten and threatened.

There is no news on the reason for Navid’s arrest, but he has contacted his family since his arrest.

It should be noted that this young women’s rights activist was called in for interrogation in 2008 in relation to efforts to organize a program marking the 8th of March, international women’s day. The security forces in Amol threatened him and beat him during these interrogations as well. Navid was in high school at the time.


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