Statement of Support for the One Million Campaign from Gianna Nannini

Wednesday 2 May 2007

Change for Equality: I am Gianna Nannini, a popular rock musician and singer from Italy.

I was in Iran in December 2006 to learn about the music and people, and to record Iranian instruments for my current opera, Pia de Tolomei.

I worked and recorded with many talented musicians, some of whom were women, such as kamanche player Negar Kharkan and Noushin Pasdar, who plays the oud. I met the incredible vocalist, Mahsa Vahdat, and had the opportunity to play and sing with her as well.

I also learned about the women’s movement and the Million Signature Campaign during my stay. I am very impressed by the movement’s energy and actions and will support them however I can.
I am one of you.


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  • Ciao meravigliosa,

    thank you for this statement! If one has the oppurtunity to help, he shouldn’t hesitate!!
    would you like to tell some more things about this? it would be really a pleasure.
    so, today arrived Pia and I’m very excited to what kind of excellent Iranian instruments I will listen.
    I would be very interested in some more details about that, maybe it would be also for me possible to do something, I’d be happy!

    ti abbraccio, Gianna,

    • Ciao Gianna, This is Daniela, I’m a 28th year’s old girl from Germany, and I’ve read your statement about the one Million Campaingn just in this and I will use the opportunity to answer to you. I’m very impressed that you dare to travel there and fight for women’s rights in Iran. I’m very interested in the question, what was the motivaition for you to that exactlly.because I dont know reallöy many things about the population of Iran, that means for example about the equalility between men and women or in general about the right’s of human beeing. I’d be very happy to here som more about your stay for example what do you think about your cooperation with the Irsa female musician Maybe you might tell more in the next fan club heft

  • Ciao Gianna This is Daniela a 28th year’s old girl from Germany. I’ve read your article about the support of the One Million Campaign just in this moment. I’m very impressed but also astonishid about your courage to travel there. As far as I concerned, I don’t know very much about the way of life from people from Iran. I’m very interested in the question, what was the motivation for you to do that. I think it’s very importent to give men and women the same opportunities to learn and to work for example and to give the right’s to live their lives and especially we have to do more for them, so they can live as they want to live. I’d like to hear some more details from your expieriences you made there. What do you think about your cooperation with The female musician from Iran Mahsa Vahdat I’d like to hear more about your stay in general maybe in the next Fanclub Heft.
    Go on Gianna it’s a great way of supporting people,

  • Dear Gianna,

    I’m an Iranian/American woman, living in your wonderful country (Pescara) for the last 18 years. I was really impressed to hear that you went to my beautiful country last year and now you’re supporting the campaign for equal rights for Iranian women. If you’re ever back in Pescara, please contact me and maybe we can meet. My daughter is a fan of yours.


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