Third Public Meeting of the Campaign Held

Saturday 28 April 2007

Change for Equality: The third public meeting of the One Million Signatures Campaign, titled: "The Relationship between the Campaign, Political Parties and and Social Movements" was held on Thursday April 26, 2007 in the home of one of the Campaign volunteers.

The meeting included two panels, where speakers were given the opportunity to express their ideas and concerns and reflect on their experiences. Discussions in the first panel focused on the "Relationship if the One Million Signatures Campaign with Political Groups and Parties." Bahareh Hedayat, member of the Central Committee of the Office to Foster Unity (A Student Political Group) and an active member of the Campaign, discussed whether the Campaign was in fact a political or non-political movement. Zohreh Asadpour, an active member of the Campaign in Rasht, discussed the necessity of independence of the Campaign from political parties and groups and Kaveh Mozafari, provided his analysis of the relationship between the Campaign and political parties as well as other social movements.

The Second Panel titled: "The Relationship of the Campaign with other Social Movements," included presentations by Campaign members Shahla Entesari and Somayeh Rashidi. In her presentation Rashidi examined the relationship of the Campaign with various student movements, and Entesari examined the Campaign’s relationship with other social movements, in particular workers’ movement.

Public meetings for Campaign members are held on a regular basis. Because the Campaign has continually been denied permits to hold public meetings in conference halls and other public locations, these meetings are held in the homes of members.

A full report of this meeting will be translated and posted on this site soon.


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