Mahboubeh Karami’s Court Hearing Postponed Again

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Change for Equality: Mahboubeh Karami’s court was scheduled to take place today, August 9, 2010, but was postponed a second time when Judge PirAbbasi of the 26th Branch of the Revolutionary Court did not appear to hear the case. According to Mahboubeh’s lawyer, Mina Jafari, the court has been scheduled for Saturday August 14, 2010.

It is now 161 days since Mahboubeh was arrested. Despite the fact that the prison physician and the Medical Examiner have both found that Mahboubeh’s presence in prison contributes to the worsening of her severe depression, her temporary arrest order has not been changed to a bail order on which she can be release while awaiting trial.

Mahboubeh Karami is a women’s rights and Campaign activist who was arrested on March 2, 2010, after her home was searched and personal property seized. Since her arrest in March, Mahboubeh has spent 80 days in solitary confinement, and is currently being held in Section 2 of Evin Prison managed by the Revolutionary Gaurds. This is the fifth time that Mahboubeh has been arrested. She was arrested in relation to the student uprising in July 1999 twice. Mahboubeh Karami was arrested a third time in June 2009 on the charge of endangering national security and released after 70 days and a fourth time in March 2009 along with 11 others while intending to pay a visit to the family of the late Dr. Zahra Baniyaghoub who had died suspiciously while in detention. Mahboubeh was released 13 days later. She has been acquitted in all the four cases brought against her.

According to an interview Mahboubeh Karami’s brother conducted with the Voice of America, this woman’s rights activist is suffering from severe depression, so much so that she attempted suicide during her detention in solitary confinement.


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