Mahbubeh Karami Avoided Surgery under the Detention Conditions

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Change for Equality: Yesterday 17th of July, Mahbubeh Karami was transferred from Evin prison to Taleghani hospital to get her nose problem surgery done .But she refused to get the surgery done due to the prison conditions.

After persistent effort by Mahbubeh Karami’s family and lawyer, who complained about her mental and physical health, coroner summoned her for medical examination. Evin’s health centre received the result of coroner’s examination a couple of days ago. The result confirmed that Mahbubeh Karami suffers from depression. Mahbubeh explained to the doctor in Evin’s health centre that she screams in her sleep at night which prevents other prisoners to sleep. Nevertheless, the doctor recommended that those noises and screams are related to her nose problem which should be treated by surgery. Though, she cannot be released on bail because of the surgery and treating her depression and the treatment should be done under the prison supervision.

Mahbubeh told her family and lawyer that remaining in detention and at the same time receiving treatment is impossible due to tensions inside the prison. That is why today when she was transferred to Taleghani hospital for surgery, she refused to get it done and returned to the prison.

Mahbubeh’s brother believes that her detention despite her health condition is inappropriate and better condition should be provided for her as soon as possible so she can get necessary treatment.

Mahbubeh Karami, an activist of one million signature campaign, was arrested on 2nd of March by security guard after her place was inspected. Her court was supposed to be held on 28th of June by 26 branches of revolutionary court but was postponed to 9th of July due to the judge’s absence.


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