Mahboubeh Karami Remains in Prison; No Contact with Family

Sunday 16 May 2010

Change for Equality: Approximately ten days have passed since Mahboubeh Karami last contacted her family from Evin Prison, where she was arrested over 75 days ago. According to Mohsen Karami, Mahboubeh’s brother, the last telephone contact Mahboubeh had with her family was on the 6th of May. Prior to this, Mahboubeh had the opportunity to contact her family by telephone every other day. She was scheduled to be transferred to the public women’s ward in Evin prison, but since this decision was made, there has been no news from Mahboubeh.
According to promises from the Tehran Prosecutor, the courts were to attend to the situation of Mahboubeh as soon as possible. In a meeting that Mohsen Karami had with the Tehran Prosecutor, Mr. Jafari Dowlatabadi, told Mohsen Karami that he had visited with Mahboubeh and was following up on her situation. Still there is no news about the possibility of releasing Mahboubeh. Additionally the lawyer representing Mahboubeh has been unable to visit with her since her arrest.

Mahboubeh’s family remains concerned about her situation. The fact that more than 75 days have passed since her arrest, the lack of clarity with respect to the case pending against her and the fact that she has not contacted her family from prison for over ten days has added to their concern.


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