Shirin Alam Holi Executed along with 4 other Political Prisoners

Sunday 9 May 2010

Change for Equality: Shirin Alam Holi, born in 1981 in a small village near Maku, executed in Evin Prison on May 9th 2010 after passing one year and nine months in prison. She was charged with the issue cooperating with Pajak (Iranian branch of PKK) on Nov. 29th 2009 and sentenced to death. Her lawyer and family had no information about her execution.

Shirin had been arrested in June 2008 in Tehran by Sepah Pasdaran and transferred to Evin Prison after 21 days interrogation and tortures in an unknown place. She had described what had happened to her completely in a letter which she had given to her family. In this letter she related many physical as well as mental pressures she had endured during the interrogation and wrote to her interrogators that what they did to her has become part of her nightmares and caused many disorders both physically and mentally.
Shirin Alam Holi had written, in her last letter, that she even couldn’t speak Farsi fluently when she had been taken to the court. Now she has been executed along with 4 other political prisoners while the Supreme Court has notified no specific decree in order to confirm her execution to her lawyers and family and executed her without informing them which is totally against the Executive Principal of the Prisons.

She has had her last contact with her family on Friday 7th of May and said nothing about notifying the decree from the Supreme Court. Her family had described her physical and mental situation appropriate; however they informed that she has been under pressure to do some TV interviews and confession.

Shirin Alam Holi is one of the victims of the violence in Iran judiciary system which has been always treated unfair from the beginning of her arrest and ultimately executed without any advance notification and against all the legitimate measurements.


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