Nasim Sarabandi and Fatemeh Dehdashti Summoned to Court and Questioned

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Change for Equality: Nasim Sarabandi and Fatemeh Dehdashti, members of the "One Million Signatures Campaign", which aims to change discriminatory laws against women, were summoned to the Security section of the Revolutionary Courts and interrogated on Wednesday April 18, 2007. These two women had been arrested in January, and held in detention at Gisha prison for 24 hours. It was believed that their case had been closed upon their release, but this latest summons and interrogation in court, demonstrates that there has been a change in their processing of their cases.

Nasim and Fatemeh, both students at Tehran University explain that: "they security offices at the University called us in. When we arrived at the security offices, they explained to us that we have been summoned by the Security Police. On the 18th of April we went to Eshrat Abad, the headquarters of the Security Police, where we were once again interrogated and later transferred to Special Prosecutor’s Office on Security, at the Revolutionary Courts, where we were interrogated and charged. Court officials told us that we are charged with "actions against national security through the spread of propaganda against the state. Of course, in our last defense of ourselves we rejected the charge." Fatemeh Dehdashti and Nasim Sarabandi were released on bail of a third party guarantee.


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