Maryam Zia, Children’s Rights Activist Released

Saturday 3 April 2010

Change for Equality: According to reports published by Kalameh website, Maryam Zia, a children’s rights activist was released from detention on Monday March 29, 2010. Prior to her release, reports issued by the Committee of Human Rights Reporters indicated that Maryam Zia’s health in prison had sharply declined as a result of a hunger strike. Zia was released after physicians attested that her physical condition did not allow for the continuation of her detention. It should be noted that prior to her release, the family of Maryam had posted bail in the amount of 30 Million Tomans (roughly $30,000), but her interrogators had refused to allow for her release.

Maryam Zia is a children’s rights activist, who was arrested on December 31, 2009. Prior to this she had been arrested in a protest objecting to discriminatory laws against women in Haft-e Tir Square on June 12, 2006.


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