Somaiyeh Farid Remains in Detention During New Year Holiday

Sunday 28 March 2010

Change for Equality: Despite the fact that the courts had agreed to free Somaiyeh Farid Campaign and women’s rights activist on a bail amount of 60 Million Tomans (roughly $60,000) by the Iranian New Year (March 21), the courts refused to accept the bail amount and free this activist who has been in detention since March 16. The courts refused to accept the deed to property provided by Farid’s family intended as bail, because according to court officials they could only accept a deed to a property in Tehran. The courts move in this respect was surprising as Somaiyeh Farid lives in Karaj, and her family had provided a deed to property in this city.

Somaiyeh Farid was arrested on March 16, as she was following up the case of her husband’s detention, Siavash (Hojat) Montazeri. Montazeri was released a few days after Somaiyeh’s arrest on a 70 Million Toman Bail order (roughly $70,000).

The courts explained to Farid’s family that she would not be released until after the New Years holidays, as the judge in charge of her case will be on vacation until March 27.

It should be noted that Somaiyeh’s husband Siavash Montazeri along with Somaiyeh’s brother and mother were able to visit with this women’s rights activist in prison on March 22. They will follow up on her case after the New Years holidays.


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