Arrest Order Renewed for Kaveh Kermanshahi

Monday 8 March 2010

Change for Equality: According to a news report by the Iranian human rights organization Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the arrest order for Kaveh Kermanshahi, an activist with the One Million Signatures Campaign and a member of the human rights organization was renewed for one month.

Ms. Farangis Davoodi, Kaveh Kermanshahi’s mother informed the group that: “my son’s case has been sent to the Kermanshah court. As such, Kaveh’s lawyer, Mr. Mostafa Ahmadian, went to the court to follow up on the case pending against my son. There he was informed that the arrest order for Kaveh had been renewed for the period of one month.”

Ms. Davoodi expressed concern about the renewal of the arrest order of her son. It should be noted that Kaveh Kermanshahi is a well known human rights defender serving on the High Council of the Kurdish Human Rights Watch, an Iranian organization addressing human rights, as well as an activist involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, in Kermanshah. He was arrested on February 3, 2010, at his family home by plain clothes security officials. Kaveh’s contact with his family has been limited since his detention. Two days after his arrest he contacted his family by telephone. Finally after persistence by his mother, Farangis Davoodi, he was allowed a short visit of fifteen minutes with his family on March 3, 2010.

Kaveh’s family and friends remain worried about his situation and believe that his arrest is in relation to his peaceful exercise of freedom of speech, association and because of his tireless defense of human rights and women’s rights.


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