Dorsa Sobhani, Student and Women’s Rights Activist Arrested

Sunday 7 March 2010

Change for Equality:: Dorsa Sobhani an activist involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign in Sari (northern Iran) and a student activist was arrested this morning, Sunday March 7, 2010, as she arrived at her home.

According to reports by the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, Dorsa Sobhani’s father had been threatened by security agents, and interrogated. Mr. Sobhani had been pressured to turn in Dorsa to security agents by this Saturday, March 6th, or otherwise face the arrest of his wife and other daughter.

Twelve security agents were waiting for Dorsa as she arrived home today, who proceeded to arrest her.

Dorsa Sobhani is a women’s rights activist, and a student activist, who had been banned from continuing her studies because she is a follower of the Bahai’ faith. She had been involved with a group of student activists who had been advocating the lifting of study bans. In recent years many social, political and student activists have been banned from continuing their university study. Study bans are placed on individuals as a means to pressure them from discontinuing their activism. Many of those involved in the "Committee for the Right to Education" which aims to object to and reverse these bans have been arrested in recent months and have faced severe pressures while in detention.


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