Mahboubeh Karami, Campaign Activist Arrested

Sunday 7 March 2010

Change for Equality: Mahboubeh Karami, Campaign activist was arrested on March 2, 2010 after three security officials showed up at her home at 11:00 PM. The security officials searched the premises and confiscated personal belongings prior to arresting Karami.

According to Mohsen Karami, Mahboubeh’s brother, the arrest order was issued on February 24, 2010. According to Karami’s brother, Mohsen Karami, security officials explained that the arrest was possibly in relation to recent developments and participation in protests. Mohsen Karami however claims these charges to be baseless, as according to him, “Mahboubeh has spent much of the last year caring for her ill father.”

Mahboubeh Karami had been arrested on four other occasions, prior to this arrest. The first and second of her arrests were related to student protests in July 1999. Her third arrest was on the sidelines of a protest in June 2008, during which she spent seventy days in detention and was charged with actions against national security. Mahboubeh was arrested a fourth time in March 2009 along with ten other women’s rights activists who intended to visit families of prisoners on the occasion of the Iranian New Year. She spent 13 days in detention in relation to this arrest. It should be noted that she has been acquitted on all charges in the four arrests.


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