Mahsa Jazini, Campain Member in Isfahan Arrested

Monday 8 February 2010

Change for Equality: Mahsa Jazini, an activist with the One Million Signatures Campaign in Isfahan, a journalist and a student activist who had been banned from continuing her education, was arrested in Isfahan at 1:30am on February 6, 2010, at her home.

Mahsa Jazini was a student activist in Allameh Tabatabie University, she was banned from continuing her education at the Masters level. According to reports, at the time of her arrest security officials stated that they were arresting Mahsa because she is a feminist! It should be noted that Mahsa Jazini has been transferred to Dastjerd Prison in Isfahan.

Prior to this, Mehrnoosh Etemadi and Hayedeh Tabesh, activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign in Isfahan had been arrested and released after 15 days and 3 days in detention, respectively.


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