Maziar Samiee Arrested

Thursday 4 February 2010

Change for Equality: Maziar Samiee, an activist involved in the Campaign and a student activist was arrested early this morning, February 4, 20010 (shortly after midnight) in his home. According to his mother, five security officers entered their home at midnight and after searching the premises and seizing property, such as books, personal writings and a computer, they proceeded to arrest Maziar. It is unclear where they have transfered this woman’s rights defender. The security agents informed the Samiee family that Maziar would contact them to let them know where he is being held. Security agents also told the family there is no need to follow the case of Maziar.

It should be noted that security agents provided no information about the reason for Maziar Samiee’s arrest. When Maziar’s mother tried to read the arrest warrent, security agents took the warrent away from her, claiming that they did not have enough time.

Maziar Samiee was arrested in October 2007 in relation to his student activities and during a student protest at Allameh Tabatabie. He spent 10 days in Evin prison, but was acquitted on charges brought against him the 2007 case.


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