Video: Interview with Somayeh Rashidi

Friday 22 January 2010

Change for Equality:: Somayeh Rashidi is an activist involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign. This women’s rights defender was summoned to court for interrogation, after her home was searched and her property seized. She appeared in court on December 19, 2009 and after a few hours of interrogation the investigative judge ordered an arrest warrant for her and transferred her to Evin prison. Somayeh has been in Evin prison since and has been denied the right to meet with her lawyers and family. Rashidi is member of the Campaign and Hastia Women’s NGO. She was banned from continuing her education at the Masters Level in the field of women’s studies, because of her activism on behalf of women’s rights.

Three videos on youtube are interviews with Somayeh about her activism on behalf of women’s rights, the ban from continuing her education and the search of her home by security agents.

You can watch the videos of Somayeh by visting the following links on youtube:

- Interview with Somayeh Rashidi, Part 1

- Interview with Somayeh Rashidi, Part 2

- Interview with Somayeh Rashidi, Part 3

or you can download the files (.wmv format) and watch the video on your own computer (Part1, Part2, Part3).


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