No News on Atiyeh Yousefi’s Situation

Thursday 7 January 2010

Change for Equality: Atiyeh Yousefi, activist in the One Million Signatures Campaign in Rasht [Gilan province, northern Iran], is currently being held in Lakan Prison in Rasht, without any reason having been given for her detention.

Five days after Atiyeh Yousefi’s arrest, her family still has no information on the arrest warrant issued for her, and have not managed to arrange a meeting with the judge presiding over her case.

Atiyeh Yousefi was arrested while seeking to give assistance to a young man who had been severely beaten by plainclothes security officers on the day of Ashura [27th December 2009].

On 1st January her family was able to visit her in Lakan Prison. They gave a good report of her morale and stated that she is being subjected to lengthy and ongoing interrogations.

As Green Path Movement website (Jaras) reported Maziyar Shokouhi, a political activist resident in Guilan province [northern Iran], was arrested in Rasht during the Ashura demonstrations [27th December].

Maziyar Shokouhi, who is a member of the Guilan branch of the Liberation Movement, was detained on Saturday, but there is no information concerning his whereabouts and which organization is responsible for his detention.
According to a Jaras reporter, Maziyar had been summoned to the General Intelligence Office for the province and threatened on several occasions on days following the elections.

Security organs had repeatedly contacted his friends demanding that they end their friendship with Maziyar.

During the presidential elections, Maziyar was a member of the Free Citizen campaign organization, a group supporting Mehdi Karoubi.

Based on reports that have reached us, Maziyar has been diagnosed with a special illness requiring frequent intake of medication. Living in jail and in an environment with high levels of tension may lead to severe complications in his condition.


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