Arrest of Maryam Zia, Children’s Rights Activist

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Change for Equality: Officers from the security services arrested Maryam Zia, children’s rights activist, on the morning of Thursday, 31st December 2009.

According to her family, plain clothes officers, having first searched her house, made her children contact their mother and have her return home.

After she had entered her residence, the officers arrested her and transferred her to an undisclosed location. At the present time there is no word on her whereabouts.

Based on reports that have reached us, the officers behaved in a violent manner and seized Ms. Zia’s computer and personal documents. They also searched the residence of her brother, located in the same building, and likewise seized his computer.

Following the events of Ashura, a number of civic and political activists have been detained.


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