Different School Books for Girls and Boys From Age 9 Upwards

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Khabar Online: The new education minister has announced that from age nine upwards textbooks for girls and boys will differ.

Little time had passed after Ali Ahmadi, the former Minister for Education, had taken over the helm of the ministry, when he floated the idea of separating textbooks on the basis of gender. Apparently, however, no-one contemplated this idea ever receiving consideration as a serious proposal and, in the not too distant future, having an impact on the education system. One point worthy of note is that among Ali Ahmadi’s various declarations was the announcement that the design of schools should reflect a traditional architectural scheme dividing inner and outer spaces so that female modesty could be protected. Coming after his declarations concerning the necessity of separate textbooks for girls and boys, this announcement provoked strong opposition.

Another of the proposals of the former education minister concerned the possibility of married pupils continuing their education in ordinary schools, a suggestion that also met with a strong reaction from education experts. Now, however, the new minister for education, as reported by the Mehr News Agency, in announcing that in the new education system up to the age of eight children’s learning will be based on play, has said that from the age of nine upwards textbooks for girls and boys will differ from one another.

While announcing that research has been carried out in depth with respect to this plan, he said that according to the plan one year would be added to the period of primary education and textbooks would be likewise adjusted to the age of the pupils.

Mr. Haji-Babai stated that some of the more marginal activities of the Ministry of Education needed to return to more normal modes of operation, and that in conformity with article thirty of the Constitution and based on the order of the president of the republic, pre-schools and nurseries must also be regulated by the Ministry.


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