Somayeh Rashidi’s Father Not Allowed Visit with Imprisoned Activist

Monday 14 December 2009

Change for Equality: December 23, 2009: Mr. Rashidi, Somayeh Rashidi’s father went to the Revolutionary Courts today to follow the case of this women’s rights activist who was arrested on Saturday December 19. Court officials refused to grant Mr. Rashidi permission to visit with his daughter. One of the lawyers representing Somayeh explained to the site of Change for Equality that court officials have told Mr. Rashidi, that the case of his daughter is still in the investigative stage and as such he will not be able to visit with his daughter in prison until security officials interrogating her allow for such a visit. While Somayeh Rashidi was arrested on Saturday and has entered her fifth day in detention, she has only been allowed to contact her family on one occasion. Because her family was not home at the time of her contact, Somayeh instead contacted a friend, informing her that she was being held in Evin prison. It should be noted that Somayeh’s family and lawyers will go to the courts again on Monday to follow-up on her case, as a long holiday will not allow them to inquire about her situation prior to Monday.

Somayeh Rashidi is a women’s rights defender who was summoned to court for interrogation, after her home was searched and the property of her and her roommates were seized. After a few hours of interrogation the investigative judge ordered an arrest warrant for her and transferred her to Evin prison from the courts. Rashidi is member of the Campaign and Hastia Women’s NGO. She was banned from continuing her education at the Masters Level in the field of women’s studies, because of her activism on behalf of women’s rights.

Somayeh Rashidi Campaign Activist Arrested

Change for Equality: December 19, 2009: Somayeh Rashidi, women’s rights defender and Campaign activist was arrested earlier today, Saturday December 19, after appearing for interrogation at the Revolutionary Courts.

Afrooz Maghzi, the lawyer representing Somayeh, explained to the site of Change for Equality that: “this morning and in follow up to a summons she received after the search of her home, Somayeh Rashidi went to the Revolutionary Courts. Despite the fact that the court accepted that I would represent Rashidi in the case against her, I was not allowed to be present during the interrogation. Somayeh Rashidi was in interrogation for about 2 hours, after which I was informed that she had been charged and a temporary arrest order had been issued in her case. She was then transferred to Evin prison.”

Last week five security officials appeared at the home of Somayeh Rashidi at 6 am, with a search warrant. The home which Somayeh shares with two housemates was searched and her personal belongings as well as the property of her housemates were seized by security officials.

Somayeh Rashidi is an activist involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign. She began her activities in the Campaign in the first month after the Campaign was launched. She had been an active member of the Iranian women’s movement for several years before the start of the Campaign. Additionally it should be noted that Rashidi was banned from continuing her studies at the Masters level, despite the fact that she was accepted into university in the field of women’s studies. She was banned from continuing her education in the field of women’s studies because of her activities in support of women’s rights.

Campaign Activist Somayeh Rashidi Summoned to Court, after Search of Home and Seizure of Personal Property

Change for Equality: In a continued crackdown against activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, the home of women’s rights defender and Campaign activist, Somayeh Rashidi was searched this morning, December 14, 2009 and she was summoned to court. A number of security officials showed up at the home of this Campaign activist this morning with a court order to search the premises. While the court order allowed for the searching of Somayeh’s personal belongings, the belongings of her two roommates were also searched and Somayeh’s personal property, including her books and computer along with the personal property of her roommates was seized.

Rashidi was also given a summons to appear in the 12th branch of the Revolutionary Courts. She has to appear in court for questioning within three days. The Summons required her presence in court in order to “provide explanations.”

Rashidi explained to the site of Change for Equality that: “I asked the security officials to provide me with identification, but they refused, claiming instead that I will find out in the future what intelligence agency they are working with. I also objected to the search and seizure of property belonging to my roommates, but the security officials did not pay any attention to my protests.”

Somayeh Rashidi has been working with the Campaign from the first few days after it was officially launched. She has also been banned from further study at university. Despite having been accepted for a Masters Degree in the field of women’s studies, she was not allowed to register for courses.

Somayeh Rashid was arrested along with Raheleh Asgarizadeh on November 4, in relation to public protests, and spent 2 days in prison.


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