Hayedeh Tabesh, Campaign Activist in Isfahan Arrested

Saturday 5 December 2009

Change for Equality, December 5, 2009: Hayedeh Tabesh Campaign activist in Isfahan was arrested this morning (Saturday December 5, 2009) by Security Agents from the local office of the Ministry of Intelligence in Isfahan. These officials arrested her, while she was at her language class. After the arrest Hayedeh Tabesh was taken to her home so that security officials could search the premises and seize property. The security agents searched all of Tabesh’s personal property and seized her personal belongings as well as two computers belonging to her sons. Mr. Montazeri, Hayedeh Tabesh’s husband, explained that he still has no information about the whereabouts of his wife and that security officials have told him to go to the revolutionary courts tomorrow to follow the case of his wife. Because Sunday is a holiday, he needs to follow up with the judge on duty.

In an interview with the site of Change for Equality, Mina Jafari, the lawyer representing Hayedeh Tabesh, explained that the manner in which this women’s rights defender was arrested was not legal. She explained further that: “my client’s residence is known to the security officials at the Ministry of Intelligence, so her arrest in a public space is illegal. The law allows for the arrest of the accused in public spaces, only when that person’s identity is unknown to the security officials, when the person has committed a major crime, if the person is a fugitive [from the law], or if the person has received a summons but has refused to show up in court. None of these circumstances hold true for my client. Hayedeh Tabesh was summoned by the local office of the Ministry of Intelligence in Isfahan after she was banned from travel. Despite the fact that the summons was not provided in writing, and was relayed through a telephone conversation, she went to the local office of the Ministry of Intelligence in response, to demonstrate her good intentions.”

The arrest of Hayedeh Tabesh occurs two weeks after the arrest of Mehrnoosh Etemadi another Campaign activist in Isfahan. The summons of Campaign activists in Tehran and the provinces and the arrest of these two women’s rights defenders in Isfahan, demonstrates that the pressures on the women’s movement and in particular Campaign activists are on the rise.


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