Pressure on Campaign Activists Continues as Two More Receive Summons

Sunday 1 November 2009

Change for Equality: November 3, 2009: In the continuation of the pressure on Campaign Activists, two other members have been summoned to Security Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Courts. Elnaz Ansari and Aida Saadat received written summons to appear in court within three days. Prior to this, Khadijeh Moghaddam, Maryam Malek, Jelve Javaheri, Kave Mozzafari and Parisa Kakaee, all members of the Campaign had received written summons to appear in court. Over the past weeks Campaign members had been contacted to appear in court by telephone. They have asked for written summons. Some are still waiting for their summons and should they receive them we will provide updates. Thus far over ten activists have been contacted.

Mass Summons of Campaign Activists to Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts

Change for Equality: November 1, 2009: In a sweeping move, courts officials have summoned a number of Campaign activists to the Revolutionary Courts. Campaign activists began receiving telephone calls over the past weeks to appear in the third security branch of the Revolutionary Courts. In turn, they requested written summons.

Thus far, Maryam Malek, Jelve Javaheri, Kave Mozzafari, Parisa Kakaee,and Khadijeh Moghaddam have reported that they have received written summons to appear in court within three days of receiving their summons. The summons were issued on October 21, 2009 and indicated that these activists have to appear in court to respond to interrogations.

About six other members have reported that they have been contacted by telephone and are awaiting summons.

Besides being summoned to court, Khadijeh Moghaddam has been barred from travel. In this respect, she told the site of Change for Equality that she had appeared in court today in relation to her participation in a protes in front of the Palestinian Embassy in support of the citizens of Gaza and refusal to obey the orders of police. During the hearing she was informed that she had been banned from travel. Given that the ban was imposed six months ago, and usually expires after six months, her lawyer Nasim Ghanavi has requested the courts to lift the ban.


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