Shiva Nazar Ahari Remains in Prison, though Bail Reduced, Still Too High Claims Father

Mahsa Amrabadi and Somaiyeh Tohidloo Released

Wednesday 23 September 2009

The Committee of Human Rights Reporters reports that the bail order for Shiva Nazar Ahari, a human rights, student and women’s rights activist, was reduced from 500 Million Tomans to 200 Million Tomans (roughly $200,000), after follow-up by her family. The reduction of the bail order takes place at the order of Judge Hadad and Judge Sobhani who is the investigative judge in charge of Shiva’s case. Still, according to the NazarAhari family, they are still unable to come up with the amount of bail required for the release of their daughter, as it is too high for them.
On the other hand, in a visit with her family and also in a visit with her lawyers, Shiva informed them that her interrogator has informed her that even if her family is able to post bail she will not be released. Shiva’s father asked Judge Hadad if it would still be possible to continue detaining Shiva even if bail was posted. Judge Hadad said that he had no information in this respect.

Shiva Nazar Ahari was arrested on June 14 2009, as a part of a wave of arrests of political and social activists and journalists following the presidential elections. She is 25 years old and also a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign.

Release of Mahsa Amrabadi and Somaiyeh Tohidloo

In other news, Mahsa Amrabadi, journalist, was released on a bail order in the amount of 200 million Tomans, (roughly $200,000) on 24 August. She had been arrested on the 14th of June in her own home. According to Mina Jafari, who is representing Mahsa Amrabadi along with another lawyer, Maryam Babaie, the charges against Mahsa are, actions against national security, insulting the supreme leader and the president, membership in a Marxist group and drinking of alcohol. She was arraigned by the Security Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Courts.
Additionally, a bail order for the release of Saeedeh Kurdinejad, in the amount of 50 Million Tomans, (roughly $50,000) has been issued by the same branch. Saeedeh Kurdinejad is being represented by Jinous Sharif Razi and Minou Jafari.

According to the site of the Green Wave of Freedom, Somayeh Tohidloo, a weblogger and political activist, was released after 71 days of detention, on 24 August from Evin prison.


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