Esha Momeni Returns to the US

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Change for Equality: Esha Momeni, member of the One Million Signatures Campaign and a student at CSUN who was arrested on October 15, 2008, returned to the states on Sunday August 9th. Momeni was in Iran to visit with family, while she worked on her masters thesis project, a film about the women’s movement and in particular the activists in the One Million Signatures Campaign, when she was arrested. She spent 28 days in prison, 25 of them in solitary confinement. After her release from prison on a 200 Million Toman Bail order (Roughly $200,000) she was banned from travel. She worked hard to have the travel ban lifted so she could return to her life and studies in the US and as a result she spent a considerable amount of time going to the security branch of the Revolutionary Court in charge of her case. Finally she was able to have her passport returned and she tried to leave the country on August 4th, when she was stopped at the airport. She was told that the paper work to remove the ban on her travel was not complete. After following up with her case once again, she was allowed to leave on the 9th of August. Momeni is a graduate student at California State University in Northridge and a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign in California. In an interview with the site of the Change for Equality, Momeni says that her time in Iran, after her release from prison, allowed her to understand security pressures impact other Campaign members and their lives. In the interview, Momeni likened her time outside prison to an invisible prison, where all her moves and comings and goings were under surveillance and control. The interview which was conducted in Farsi will be translated and published on this site shortly.


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