Against Iranian State Broadcasting (Seda o Sima)

We Won’t Swallow Any More Lies!

Sunday 5 July 2009

Daily News: After the announcement of the results of the tenth presidential elections, which was met with widespread public protests, the size of the popular presence in the streets was so striking that news, images, and videos from the Iranian people are still headline news in media across the world. The partial and erroneous way in which Iranian State Broadcasting (Seda o Sima) reported on these civic protests, although not unexpected, once again brought to light the monopolistic and anti-national character of this media network. Misogynistic and patriarchal news reports, serials, and advertisments, discussions which are partial and biased toward the government, and the compiling of dossiers against civic activists are all signs of this monopolistic behavior.

In a country where the life of newspapers has been reduced to one day, and where people’s access to news through the internet has been closed off because of widespread filtering, television can be considered the principal and most effective means to influence public opinion because of its accessibility and the large number of viewers. Iranian State Broadcasting, however, in no way reflects the news and opinions of the various currents of thought in Iran, despite being funded by the people. Furthermore this has been accompanied by a complete lack of attention to the widespread popular protests, by the complete inversion of the sense of events, such as the death of Neda Aghasoltani, and by the fabrication of confessions from social and political activists and journalists. At the same as the State Broadcaster (Seda o Sima) has displayed complete indifference to the civic protests of the people and to the latest widespread arrests, it has labelled the bloody assault on intelligence and ideas that has taken place in the streets "rioting", and is playing a prominent role in the fabrication of dossiers against the people and activists of Iran. This media network has never been the network of the people; this network is neither our voice (seda) nor our face (sima), we the protesting and under pressure people of Iran.

We Shall Boycott Products Advertized on Iranian State Broadcasting!

From today on we wish to demonstrate our serious objections and opposition to the practices of the media network that was supposed to be a national one, by boycotting products advertized on state radio and television. The burden of boycotting this monopolistic and anti-national media network lies on the shoulders of women more than everyone else, since they make up the majority of viewers and listeners and have the principal role in choosing which domestic products to purchase. We request of women that they participate actively in this civil disobedience by encouraging everyone not to purchase products advertized on Iranian State Broadcasting (Seda o Sima) and encouraging producers to refrain from advertizing on this network. As long as the following products are advertized on Iranian State Broadcasting (Seda o Sima), we will refrain from purchasing them:

Shargh Isogam, Golab-e Nader, Iran-Cell, Samsung and LG

As well as products produced by the following manufacturers or with the following brand:

Tak, Taj, Darougar, Chitos, Sehat, Varna, Daloop, Talavang, Tabarok, Chichak, Tooli-Press, Taromar, Golriz, Masis, Leen, Ladan, Mazmaz, Bistak, Nikta, Pak, and Itak


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