Gathering of mourning mothers: every Saturday at 7 pm in Laleh Park, in memory of Neda and others who were killed

Sunday 28 June 2009

Change for equality: On saturday June 20th at 7 pm, another young blossom of our land was crushed in front of our eyes. Neda Agha Soltan, is a symbol of the young women and men of this land who pursue justice and equality lawfully and are confronted illegally and killed ruthlessly.

In less than two weeks, more than 800 of our children were arrested, hundreds were injured, and tens killed. For what sin are you murdering our children? For what crime have you made all mothers of Iran mourn the deaths of their youth?

We will not give up our rights and the rights of our offspring.

Until the release of all detainees who were arrested for protesting election fraud, and until the end of violence and until the murderers of our children are prosecuted, we will gather to mourn in silence every Saturday at 7 pm near where our dear Neda was killed, in Amirabad Street, Laleh Park, by the pond.

We invite all mothers who are concerned for the well-being of their daughters and sons, the real treasures of this land, to join us.


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