Jelveh Javaheri was Released

Monday 8 June 2009

Change for Equality: Jelve Javaheri was released on the 7th of June, on a third party guarantee in the amount of 100million Tomans (roughly $100,000). Mina Jafari, the lawyer representing Jelve Javaheri, explained: "Jelve Javaheri was released today on a third party guarantee in the amount of 100 Million Tomans, which was set by the Security Prosecutor at the Revolutionary Courts. Jevle Javaheri was charged with actions against the state through participation in the One Million Signatures Campaign and gathering and collusion. Jelve was arrested by security police on May 1 at her home, and spent 16 days in solitary confinement. After objections from her legal team, a temporary arrest order was issued in her case as well as a bail order in the amount of 100 million Tomans ($100,000). But her bail amount was reduced to a third party guarantee, and she was released this afternoon." It should be noted that Ms. Ehteram Shadfar one of the members of the Campaign has served as Jelve’s third party guarantor.


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