Iran Death Penalty: A State Terror Policy

Tuesday 5 May 2009

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) today released its report on the death penalty in the Islamic Republic of Iran, entitled « A State Terror Policy ».

International Federation for Human Rights:

Alerted by the increasing number of executions and the persistence of practices in total violation of international standards, FIDH conducted an in-depth study on the application of death penalty.

As momentum is gathering across the world towards abolition of capital punishment, Iran ranks second for number of executions, after China, and first for per capita executions. Unfair trials, execution of juveniles, targeting of ethnic and religious minorities... the death penalty is applied in blatant violation of Iran’s obligations under international human rights law. A very wide range of offences (including economic, drug-related, so-called sexual offences, apostasy...) carry the death penalty and the methods of execution (public hangings, stoning...) amount to the most inhuman and degrading treatment.

FIDH’s report documents and denounces the use of death penalty in Iran as part of a state policy of general repression aimed at creating a climate of terror among the population.

The report is available at the following link :


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