Latest News from the Arrested Activists of May 1st

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Change for equality: Families of activists arrested on May 1st gathered in front of the Revolutionary Courts today to pursue the situation of their relatives. Meanwhile, the families have submitted a letter to Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi protesting against the illegal actions of security forces and demanding the prompt and unconditional release of all of the detainees.

Shahrzad Jahanian, the mother of Nikzad Zanganeh’s – a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign who was arrested during the May 1 protest in commemoration of International Worker’s Day– who has come to Tehran from Bandar Abbas two days ago, says to Change-For-Equality: “First her friends and then she herself [Nikzad] called. She said that she had not been interrogated yet and no bail or third party guarantee has been issued for her.”

She continues by adding that “Judiciary officials told me today that prisoners have been divided into groups and that their interrogations are being conducted. They explained further that they will let us know when they have reached a conclusion in this respect.”

The father of Taha Valizadeh, another member of the Campaign arrested on May 1, explains: “They have not given us a clear response yet. They just told me that Taha is in custody and must remain in custody. They have not even confirmed the exact location of my son.”

The mother of Jelveh Javaheri, another member of the Campaign, whose husband Kaveh Mozafari was initially arrested during the protest and who herself was arrested after police came to search their home, explains: “Jelveh called yesterday and said that a bail order of 100 million Tomans (roughly $100,000) had been issued in her case. We are not able to post such a high bail amount.”

According to the daughter of Maryam Mohseni, a labor activist arrested on May 1, bail orders of 50 million Tomans have been issued in the case of her mother and some other detainees. Having not committed any crime, they have refused to accept such an order.

The wife of Alireza Saghafi, a labor activist arrested on May 1 says: “None of the men arrested have been allowed to make phone calls from prison yet. Last night two men were released on a third party guarantee. Two more are scheduled to be released on a similar order today. Yesterday officials told me that a bail order of 100 million Tomans has been issued for Alireza, so ’go and bring the needed documents,’ they said. Today, though they have denied having said such a thing and have explained that interrogations are ongoing.”

She adds: “We do not have such money. 100 million Tomans is very high and equivalent to three times the amount of blood money or monetary compensation paid in case of an accidental or purposeful death of a man (dieh). What crime have they committed to justify such a high bail amount? None of those arrested on May 1, will escape if they are released from prison. undoubtedly they will attend their court hearings. I think that security forces have other aims. Today they attacked another meeting and arrested many workers there. Did these workers too participate in the May 1, protest in support of International Worker’s Day?


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