Latest News about the Situation of the Prisoners in Evin and the Efforts of their Families

Monday 4 May 2009

Change for Equality: Following the detention of ordinary citizens and labor and social activists on May 1st (International Workers Day), the families of the arrested ones have been pursuing the situation of their beloved relatives since then. Arrested men had been moved to the Security Police Station at Hor Square and, after several hours of interrogation, they had been transferred to an unknown place which is now believed to be Evin prison, branch 240.

The men detainees have not had any contacts with their families yet but, according to some hearings, bail orders and third party guarantees have been issued in the cases of some of the arrested ones. Women detainees also were transferred to Evin prison yesterday and are now at public suite sites of the prison in 4-person groups. Any access to the telephone is prohibited in these sites.

Families of the arrested activists have submitted a letter to Judiciary Chief Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi protesting against the illegal actions of the security forces and demanding the prompt and unconditional release of all of the detainees.


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